Cipher are involved in a wide range of projects from educational workshops/community projects with adults and children of all abilities, to innovative cross artform collaborations, to recording projects to soundtrack work. Cipher have been involved in various festivals across England and worked with sound artists, film makers, VJs, instrument makers and digital media practitioners.

Elemental forces - a multi-media work which fuses new and emerging technologies in music and visuals with the art of instrumental performance. This work uses the innovative rich organic textures of Steve Hubback’s invented and handmade percussion sculptures, gongs and harps, combined with Cipher’s textured and looped soundscapes, bass, flute and saxophone. The performance is presented in surround sound enhancing the overall sonic effect. The collaboration takes the form of a joint composition born out of improvisation sessions and preparatory work undertaken by the artists individually. By adding Jim Boxall - a modern digital visual artist who enhances, reflects and reacts to the music in live spontaneous performance, another dimension is added, making the whole multi-media experience more interesting on several levels

The work is devised around the theme of elemental forces i.e. fire, earth, air and water and also takes inspiration from the philosophies and thoughts of various cultures on the elements that form our world and all that exists within it - from macroscopic to microscopic, external to internal.